Forgotten features is a recurring segment where we bring you features in apples devices that are often overlooked are long forgotten about. Today we bring you photo syncing using iCloud, an easily overlooked feature if your using a PC.

When Apple first unveiled iCloud it promised syncing to all your devices seamlessly. One forgotton device in this chain is your PC, its easy to do but equally easily overlooked. Heres how to Sync your photostream photos from your iPad or iPhone to your PC and easily add any photos to it from your PC (Windows 7 and Vista only).

  1. Install the iCloud Control Panel, if you have iTunes installed go to your start menu and find the “Apple Software Update” program, run it then check “iCloud Control Panel” and install. (Note: you may have already done this without knowing it, if the iCloud option isnt there, skip to step 2. if you still cant find it download it direct from apple here)
  2. Go into your computers control panel and open iCloud (this is normally under the ‘Network and Internet’ catagory)
  3. Sign in to your iCloud account
  4. Check ‘Photo Stream‘ (along with any other things you want to sync) then click ‘Options’
  5. Choose your download and upload folders
  6. Click OK -> Apply and then wait – your photos will be syncing and will stay in sync from now on!
  7. Have a look in the folder you choose to see if your photos start appearing there
Had you forgotten / not realised about this feature? Do you know about a feature most people don’t use or have long forgotten? let us know in the comments or at [email protected]
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