Last night Apple sent me an email saying “Your iCloud storage is almost full”, since I’ve only been using it for device backups I was shocked at how it filled up so fast. Here’s how to free up your storage, in my case it was one rogue app uploading video files.

  • Go into your Settings app -> scroll down to iCloud and enter.
  • You’ll see a page listing your iCloud account email and the main Apple apps your backing up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and just above the ‘Delete Account’ button is ‘Storage and Backup‘.
  • Choose the third option in this page called ‘Manage Storage‘, select the device using all your iCloud backup space and under the heading ‘backup options’ you’ll see all the apps your backing up and how much space they’re using (like the pictures below). Have a look for any apps using a ton of space and turn them off (you may need to ‘Show all apps’).

In my case the VLC app which was removed from the App Store a while ago was backing up 3.9 GB to iCloud, that’s all the videos I put in the app to play later. My used space then went down from 4.6 GB to 652 MB.

Note: the used space on the bottom only changes after a full backup

So if you’re running out of iCloud storage and thinking of upgrading to one of Apple’s price plans, have a quick look at what apps are using that space and you may save yourself some money by turning them off.

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  • Mere

    Thank you! This was so helpful.